Temprano unfiltered olive oil de Torres

Temprano unfiltered olive oil de Torres

  • €16,50

Temprano de Torres is an exclusive Extra Virgin Olive oil Unfiltered. From a selection of ancient olive trees on the Aranyó State, located in the county of Les Garrigues. Variety 100% Arbequina and an extremely limited production, just 900 bottles it’s been produced every year, each one numbered.  

Green and gold colours, aromas of freshly cut grass, tomato and artichoke stalks, unripe almonds and aniseed notes. On the palate is sweet at the beginning, but soon we notice bitter and piquant sensations in harmony with the aromas found in the nose.

Very versatile oil, match with most of the dishes, harmoniously balancing them and also combining well with raw ingredients. It enhances vegetables, fish and mushrooms specially. Also ideal for seasoning all kinds of meat.

Presentation: Cristal bottle 500 ml


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