Valderrama Extra Virgin olive Oil

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Valderrama Olive Oil

Aceites Valderrama. A byword for quality and distinction. For more than 150 years now the members of each generation of the Valderrama family have maintained their dedication to producing a unique oil which has today become a global flagship brand thanks to the outstanding reviews published in the national and international press, and its use as companion to the menus and dishes of many of the world's leading restaurants.

With a wide range of types of oil (one for each purpose), the key of varieties of olive used are hojiblanca, cornicabra, picudo, ocal and arbequina. The oil production method has a number of distinctive features: the bottling process never takes more than one hour, and bottles are filled only to order in order to preserve all the qualities of this precious "green gold".

At MADE IN SPAIN we have selected a full range of oils perfectly suited to differing culinary uses: from cooking to the embellishment of a dish at table. Meanwhile, the different types and sizes available meet the needs of all users of our platform. MADE IN SPAIN will therefore be offering:

    -    Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Ideal for salads, gazpacho, vegetables, bluefin tuna, etc. Its slight acidity contrasts with a smooth and intense flavour.

-   Hojiblanca Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Recommended for salads, oily fish, meat, game, stews, turkey, Spanish omelette and tomato dressings.

-   Ocal Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Excellent for desserts and sous-vide or low-temperature cooking. Its smooth, creamy consistency makes it the perfect oil for sauces such as mayonnaise.

-   Grand Cru Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A gourmet oil produced by blending the hojiblanca, arbequina, picudo and ocal varieties. To satisfy the most demanding palates. Smooth and elegant, its wonderful density has made it one of the leading extra virgin olive oils in the sector.

-   Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Truffle: Unquestionably the jewel in the crown of this selection. Virgin oil pressed from the ocal olive is blended with natural truffle which is allowed to macerate in the bottle itself. The result is a sumptuously elegant oil with a distinctive aroma, making it the perfect companion to embellish any dish.

Aceites Valderrama has an established reputation beyond the borders of Spain, and so hold a number of the most prized international certificates.

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