Terras Gauda wines in Ireland

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Bodegas Terras Gauda in Pontevedra has now established itself as a leading name in the sector thanks to the exclusive quality of its D.O. Rías Baixas wines. The winery in fact belongs to an even greater grouping comprising Bodegas Terras Gauda itself, Viñedos y Bodegas Pittacum (of the D.O. Bierzo Designation of Origin) and Quinta Sardonia, along with A Rosaleira vegetable preserves.

With a dedicated commitment to achieving the highest quality standards within a process true to tradition, the Terras Gauda Group stands firmly by its responsibility in developing new techniques at its R&D department. Through partnerships with the CSIC (the Advanced Scientific Research Centre) and the IFI (Institute of Industrial Fermentation), the group has succeeded in furthering the extent of our knowledge of the wines produced from the local grapes, achieving results which have served to place the Terras Gauda Group in the vanguard of new techniques for the production, fermentation and conservation of the Albariño variety.

MADE IN SPAIN has selected a number of wines, three belonging to the Rías Baixas Designation of Origin and one to the D.O. Bierzo, encompassing the full spectrum of the group's outstanding wines.

Under the D.O. Rías Baixas the white wines Terras Gauda and Terras Gauda Etiqueta Negra, produced from a blend of Albariño, Loureiro and Caíño Blanco, offer outstanding complexity and depth, revealing in every nuance the freshness and fruitiness of Albariño, along with the floral, aromatic intensity of the Loureiro grape. Both have perfectly with fish, seafood and even white meat, revealing themselves (above or in the case of the Terras Gauda Etiqueta Negra) as wines rich in subtleties, smooth and creamy on the palate, with a pleasantly lingering finish in the mouth.

The Abadía de San Campio, made from 100% Albariño, is a fresh wine which is outstanding with seafood, and is currently the only wine which the group enters in competition. A young wine (2012 vintage), it displays lightly acidic hints of fruits such as apple, with all the smoothness and freshness of the grape juice itself.

From the D.O. Bierzo MADE IN SPAIN has confined its selection to the Pittacum and Pittacum Aurea varieties. Both are red wines produced with the Mencía grape, proving themselves to be wonderful ambassadors for their native land. The fresh hints of grey and red fruits transport the drinker to the mountainous region of El Bierzo in the province of Leon, with Pittacum Aurea in particular drawing on the experience of a tradition of more than a century of harvesting by hand. Elegance, colour, flavour... just some of the words which these Pittacum wines evoke.

Both of them pair perfectly with meat and casseroles.

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